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GTA Tips For Play
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Author:  Sirus [ Fri Jun 05, 2015 8:50 pm ]
Post subject:  GTA Tips For Play

Firstly get yourself an xbox 360 controller, it is soo easy to fly choppers and planes with the controller but hard on the keyboard. its also much easier to drive, controller is also needed for some missions and heists due to the vibrate

1- Join TIGG crew in the social panel, we get more rep in a crew and its easier to get everyone together

Post your ingame name here too http://www.tig-gaming.com/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=350&p=1120#p1120

2- Buy a load of snacks from the general store located all over the map, you can buy the snacks then rob the fucker after, snacks help get your power back up and are needed for the heists all the time

3- get yourself a decent car, the karuma or insurgent are amazing for protection, get both if possible

4- do loads of missions, simeone has easy missions and although you dont get as much xp and rep its a good starting point. the more players in a mission the more rep and cash you get

5- get a high end apartment, this is where you store 10 vehicles and start your heists, you have to be level 12 for heists and do the intro for it

6- buy a mini smg, great for shooting out a vehicle, you can get a sniper with advanced scope later when you earn some cash.

i'll add some more tips and video a few tricks to help you rank up when i get a chance

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